Clan House Hosting!!!

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Clan House Hosting!!!

Post by Grey Beard on Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:51 pm

Now that we have a clan house I'm offering hosting to anyone wishing to get their Magic or Prayer up!!! As long as I'm online and not entirely busy you can ask to do teleport tab hosting or a prayer offering hosting. What this means is I will take your soft clay(noted) and I will have my butler go and un-note the clay, then I can keep feeding you the clay while you make tele tabs. Otherwise if your interested in getting your prayer up, I will keep the incense lit and allow you to use our clan's gilded altar to offer any bones to it for 350% the normal xp.

With this being said I am now opening up donations for the following items: Soft Clay and Clean/Grimy Marrentil herbs. This will help out our clan so much in furthering our combat.

Thanks for reading, Grey Beard =)
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