Clan Ranking System

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Clan Ranking System

Post by Grey Beard on Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:52 pm

Clan Ranks

We rank members on how much AP (Action Points) they accumulate in the clan. You automatically get the rank Recruit just for joining, but for every 5 action points you accumulate you get to the next rank. You can accumulate AP by attending events and clan meetings. The highest rank you can get with AP is Lieutenant, after that you can only go further by being appointed an official rank of responsibility in the clan.

You can also obtain AP by recruiting people into the clan you'll get 1 point for every person who has your name on their application in the who recruited you part.

Smiley - This position is for old clan members and friends of the clan.

Recruit - New members of the clan that have just been accepted.

Corporal – A member of the clan that has been active in the clan chat, has participated in clan activities, and is a kind and courteous individual. 5 AP

Sergeant – A member of the clan that has been active within the clan in many aspects. This person has proven themselves as a loyal and dedicated member and has made an effort to contribute to the clan. 10 AP

Lieutenant - Outstanding member of the clan that has been very active in all aspects of the clan and very helpful to other members within the clan. This person has proven their loyalty to our clan time and time again. 15 AP

Captain - Captains are second in command under the General. Captains are extremely trusted members of the clan that contribute to the growth and maintenance of the clan. Captains are our Coordinators and Overseers in the clan. Can only be appointed to the rank Captain by meeting expectations set by the Generals.

General - Generals are the leaders of the clan and make decisions to protect the longevity of the clan.
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